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Rainbow Joy Potion Kit

Rainbow Joy Potion Kit

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Discover the magic of the Rainbow Joy Potion Kit, a celebration of life that invites children to embrace the beauty of nature and experience the happiness of a sunlit day.

Designed to inspire imaginative play and creativity, this enchanting kit encourages young ones to create nature-inspired potions that spread joy and delight wherever they go. Watch as potions fizz, change colors, and sparkle, igniting the excitement of new discoveries and igniting true magic in their hearts.

This captivating experience is infused with mindfulness and the power of affirmations, fostering a harmonious connection to nature and self-awareness.

Rainbow Joy Potion Kit – comes with:

Stardust Rainbow
Magic Eggs
Spring Leaves
Caterpillar Cheer
Liquid Carrot
1 Wood Spoon
1 dropper
4 cards with Affirmations, information about the kit, ingredients, and potions.
1 create your own potion template card.

** Packaging and quality of ingredients are very important to us. Products are carefully packed in organic cotton bags, biodegradable cellophane bags, PET plastic bottles, biodegradable cardboard boxes, and others. All ingredients are biodegradable and non-toxic.

IMPORTANT: This kit is designed for children and adults with creative minds. Adult supervision is recommended while playing with this kit, helping children to mindfully connect and find purpose. These kit is designed for age 5+.

Not for consumption.

* Small wooden bowls not included in this kit, only used for presentation.


Arcoíris de Alegría Kit Sensorial de Pociones es una celebración de la Vida. Diseñado para promover la creatividad, imaginación, el deseo por descubrir y cultivar pensamientos positivos.

Mezclando y vertiendo, los niños se diviertes al ver la poción burbujear, cambiar de color y brillar.La alegría y celebración de explorar llenara sus corazones de magia y gratitud.

Una experiencia sensorial inspirada en la naturaleza que incluye el uso de Afirmaciones Positivas.

Arcoíris de Alegría incluye:
Stardust Rainbow
Magic Eggs
Spring Leaves
Caterpillar Cheer
Liquid Carrot
1 Wood Spoon
1 gotero
3 cartas con Afirmaciones Positivas, información sobre el kit, ingredientes, y pociones.
1 Carta con plantilla para crear tu propia poción.

* La calidad de nuestros productos y el empaque es muy importante para nosotros. Ingredientes son cuidadosamente empacados en bolsas de algodón orgánico, bolsas de celofán biodegradables, botellas PET, cajas de carton reciclado, entre otras. Todos nuestros ingredientes son biodegradables y no tóxicos.

IMPORTANTE: Es recomendable la supervision de un adulto al jugar con este producto, para guiarle al niño a conectar con su esencia y utilizar las afirmaciones positivas.
Este Kit esta diseñado para mayores de 5 años.

No es para consumir!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Absolutely Enchanting!

My 3-year-old and I spent a morning enjoying the Rainbow Joy kit. We went outside to collect extra objects for it and had a blast. The kit is so easy to follow, sensory appropriate, and there is enough materials left to use it 2-3 more times! We will absolutely be ordering more.

SF mom

Delightful, colorful kit that appealed to my creative child. I love the quality of ingredients and the natural look and feel (and of course contents) in this kit.

Chelsea C.
Imaginative fun

My son loves anything potions and has had such a fun time with the rainbow joy kit. I love how it can connect a child with nature and be empowering with the affirmations. Beautiful company, I would recommend and buy again 💖


Love this set, and my daughter did as well. Everything was thoughtfully packaged and we loved the potion cards!

Tina Denham
elves and fairy potion kit

Great 8 year old loved it. I was hoping it would of been a little bigger,but,it was great.