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Potion Party Kit

Potion Party Kit

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Each party kit comes with enough ingredients for 10-15 children.

***We recommend adding additional fizzing ingredient and additional liquid powder if there will be more children participating or buy 2 kits.***
Extra Fizzy Ingredient: $30
Extra Liquid Powder: $10

Our new "Party Kits and Party Favors Collection" is created to celebrate life and the most exciting moments of childhood. Charm your guests in a unique way with our new "Make a Wish Potion Party" themes.

Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf pedagogies, children celebrate in a unique way, gathering ingredients from nature, engaging in playful and sensory activities, as well as conveying beautiful wishes straight from the heart.

This collection is ideal for birthday parties, friends' playgroups, and many more collective events and celebrations.

As they mix the ingredients, children and adults witness the reactions, the potion bubbling, changing color, glowing, and exploding.
The joy and enthusiasm of new discoveries awaken the true magic in children's hearts and minds.

An experience inspired by nature with a touch of mindfulness.

Each Party Kit includes:
- 3 x Bags of Dry Ingredients (15-25 oz)
   6 W x 3 D x 9 H (in.)
- 1 x Bag of Fizzy Magic Figures.
- 2 x Powdered mix-ins for use in large water bottles or individual potion jars.
- Digital downloads that include: Editable party invitation, Make a Wish Playful Poem, Scavenger hunt, Ingredient name cards, Blank cards for extra ingredients / name seats / food cards .

Add Printed Option for $20:
- 10 Potion recipe/affirmation cards
- Ingredient's name place cards
- printed instructions

** Packaging and quality of ingredients are very important to us. Products are carefully packed in compostable cellophane and kraft bags, reusable bottles, biodegradable cardboard boxes, and others. All ingredients are biodegradable and non-toxic.

Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, bio glitter, mineral mica, food coloring, sugar, salt, rice, beans, coconut, seashells, dry flowers, essential oils, gemstones, rocks, moss.

IMPORTANT: This kit is designed for children and adults with creative minds. Adult supervision is recommended while playing with this kit, helping children to mindfully connect and find purpose. These kit is designed for age 3+.

Not for consumption.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer I.
Beautiful and Creative Potion Kits!

I purchased two potion kits for my daughter's Harry Potter-themed birthday party. I was absolutely blown away by the packaging and the quality of the ingredients. The kids (ranging between 4-7 years old) were absolutely enthralled during potion making. It was such a treat so see how creative they all got with their potions. I will absolutely purchase again.