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Frequently Asked Questions


What age are your products suitable for?

Our kits go from 1+ all the way to adult, it depends on the specific product. We recommend adult help and supervision when necessary. Please take care around small children.

Are your ingredients environmentally friendly?

All our ingredients are non toxic and eco friendly, using ingredients found in the kitchen pantry and in nature. All glitter is either natural (mica) or eco-friendly (biodegradable) glitter. 

All of your ingredients are environmentally friendly but you use plastic bottles. Why is this?

We initially wanted to use glass bottles but we were unable to get insurance for glass bottles. We have tried to keep our kits as environmentally friendly as possible. Please follow up with us for ideas and project to reuse them, or contact us about resend them to u for repurpose. 


 Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to the USA and Brazil.